Armytrix Cat-back VW GOLF MK7 2.0 TSI GTI CLUBSPORT


Front pipe + Valvetronic Muffler + link Y pipe + Wireless Remote Control Kit

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Marca: VW
Modelo: GOLF
Versión: MK7
Material: SS
Notas: • Downpipe doesn’t fit on sportdifferential (transmission code THZ). • Cat-Back system fit to stock catalytic converter, includes the reducer (65mm–>76mm)(1xAWVSR-DR) • We kindly ask you to provide a VIN prior to ordering, to ensure fitting on all >sept 2018 models due to possible EU6 sensor issue. • Fits both left-hand and right-hand drive cars • Cars equipped with OPF filter will not get any difference in sound with cat-back system only and need to buy downpipe as well. • Please be informed that blue coated tips might experience discoloration due to heat and agressive cleaning products
Fabricante: Armytrix
Referencia: VWG7T
Para verificar que la referencia es la correcta para su vehículo es imprescindible que nos envíe una foto de la ficha técnica. En caso contrario, se enviará la referencia solicitada sin comprobación.

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